Thursday, August 19, 2010

white rose

in the storm
sttands the white rose
sometime tumultuous waves
around her
yet tall is the white rose
strong in the face
even when life challenges doom
around her, she does not bow down
pure is the white rose
in the compost earth
growing eternal strength
i see not the white rose
she is away far now
but i long to protect her
not long will it be
that i can see my
strong little flower
that i look up to


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Deep down im dazed in a ditch, that i cant dig my way out of
dammed diamond illusions of daughters, dancers and debs in my dome
Dry thoughts of what we could dream
to bad its just a damaged image of what we thought it might be
drunken hot girls, and distraught druggies
and everything in between
to bad were just finding out this is our destiny.


My addiction for you is like no other,
a love for you, just like a mother's .
I fiend and fiend , go weak and relapse,
and like a dealer you got my back.
From the tweeking street lights at night,
to the come up of the rising hot sun.

Your one drug, i cant REHABILITATE from .