Monday, June 1, 2009

hey bloggers,

this is the one and only, jordannFAYE coming to you live from LA,(ha, im funny). No, but seriously i told my friend jenise(kush) that i would start my blog today, so here i am. so i really dont know how to do this blogging stuff but i sure as hell am gonna try. so, im gonna tell you about my 1st day at work today! funnnn! So my mom got me this bomb internship at FOX in the wardrobe department. today i did 3 costume changes, dressed 2 well known celebrities, and met one nice looking football player =). btw (telll more about him on moonday, he's coming back.) i was exhausted from all of this and after my day was over, i went to my friends house to take a nap, and finish a survey. im kinda still tired, so i will hit yall back tomorrow when im the hospital in the words of Bscott tah tah loveee muffins!