Monday, November 16, 2009

SHAWTY, what your name is ?

Once again we have been not even surprised but more like astonished in what Lady Gaga has brought to the table. But in all reality the video wasnt even hers!

Queen B, also known as the infamous Beyonce' came to her fans along with Gaga and video Director Hype Williams with something not like usual. The usual "Beyonce" "Sasha Feirce" scheme felt like it was in play, just on a whole nother level, like no other.

The difference in this video were the many differnt 'looks" she had going for herself, the majority of them were complete opposites than the previous or next. But,With her knee high boots, robotic sexy look and choreographed chair dance she took the stage. Evn though the video itself had not a damn thing to do with the song. I dont think ANYone could have done it better.

I would NOT advise anyone to watch this video on high intensifying drugs.

... im just saying.