Monday, August 31, 2009

TaylorGotBeats && other talents as well.

hey bloggers,

Up and coming Los Angeles photographer Taylor Gilmore and I went on a mission to pinks like, a week ago or something. Stood in line for what it felt like an hour, and ate two of the yummiest hot dogs everr, with of course two Dr. Brown soda's to go with. So, while we were standing in that ever so long line, being the photographer he is, he took pictures, he's very good at it too. Gilmore, is in his 3rd year of college with a major in audio recording and a minor in graphic design and has only been taking pictures for about a year. His other talents include wiritng which he lovessss to do, ( ) and making beats (its a gift of his), this boy can make any kind of beat you would like! He's done work sounding something like a Neptune feel, to Gucci Mane i believe he can do it all. He has a NEW project he's working on now, something people have tried, but they have failed at horribly and his attempt will definatley make it above and beyond. I can't give all the details now, on a count of he would probably kick my butt, but just wait and see, he's going places.
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