Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janet Jackson honors the great and only (rest in paradise) Micheal Jackson at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

Janet killed it! If you didnt see it, go look now.

With the Jackson family looking on from the audience, Janet Jackson kicked off the 2009 Video Music Awards with a tribute to her brother, Michael. Before Janet took the stage however, Madonna emerged on the darkened stage to reminisce about her experience knowing Michael, drawing comparisons between their difficult childhoods and the King of Pop’s everlasting impact on music.
“There is no question Michael Jackson was one of the greatest talents the world has ever known,” Madonna said to a standing ovation. “We allowed this magnificent creature that once set the world on fire to slip through the cracks… He was so unique, so original, so rare and there will never be anyone like him again. He was a king.”
After Madonna concluded her tribute, the MJ performance began with a pack of dancers streaming onto the stage to reenact the famed “Thriller” dance while the song’s classic video projected on the giant screen. According to reports, dancers, choreographers and Janet herself were involved in hours of intense rehearsals in preparation for the tribute befitting of Michael Jackson, an artist who helped put MTV on the map. “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal” next featured in the dancers’ compilation of Michael’s most memorable moves, with the performers all donning some of Jackson’s trademark outfits.
Then, as the opening notes of Jackson’s collaboration with his sister “Scream” played over the speakers, Janet Jackson smashed through the set to recreate her duet with her brother. The performance was meticulously coordinated, with the siblings dancing in unison; Janet on the stage, Michael on the screen. It was a moving moment and a fitting way to start an evening that will no doubt feature more tributes to the King of Pop. (exp. rolling stones)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My prayer of SERENITY.

          Grant me the serenity, 
to accept the things I cannot change, 
the courage to change the things I can,
 and the wisdom to know the difference. 

I want you to tell me, what this prayer personally means to you.  Both spiritual and non-spiritual views both welcomed.

I was first introduced to this prayer in Feb. of this year, at my first rehabilitaion center I went to, It did a lot for me, and still keeps me through the hardest of times. I'm not the most "spiritual" person, but, in my times of doubt and turmoil this really helps me out. 

Try it out, and tell me what you think.