Wednesday, July 15, 2009

yea BUDDY, rollin like a BIGSHOT

So, i dont know about you people but, i dont really watch to many music videos. Last night i finally saw Dorrough Music's ICE CREAM PAINT JOB video and let me tell you. I personally was not to impressed. The song itself is definantely my Summer Anthem BUT, maybe i was expecting more or something. the video did a wholeeeeee lot of nothingg for mee. It was kind of depressing. I mean out of all those damn cars in it, maybe two were really nice.(&& i know a thing or two about cars) the others were AIGHT' and i know all of you who are reading this have seen way BOMBER cars around. so Check out the vid. and tell me what YOU THINK. CHECK IT OUT.

I forgot to mention besides the fact that i think this is a bunk ass video, this song still goes HAM. that is all. hehehe.

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